Bora Oztekin

Plano, Texas ·

I am a 17 year old high school student at Plano West Senior High School who is passionate about computer science, mathematics, and nonprofit management.


Plano West Senior High School (Plano, TX)

High School
  • Executive Council of Computer Club
  • Captain of Cybersecurity Team
  • Officer of Speech and Debate Team
  • Member of National Honor Society
  • Member of Spanish Honor Society (Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica)
  • Enrolled in AP/Honors courses
    • Junior Year:
    • AP Computer Science
    • AP U.S. History
    • AP English Language
    • Honors Debate 3
    • AP Spanish Language
    • Honors Physics
    • AP Calculus BC
    August 2017 - June 2019

    Jasper High School (Plano, TX)

    High School
  • Principles of Engineering course
  • Varsity Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  • Spanish Club
  • August 2016 - June 2017

    Troy High School (Fullerton, CA)

    High School (Technology Magnet Program - Troy Tech)
  • Admitted to selective magnet program for Computer Science
  • Linux specialist in CyberPatriot team
  • Cadet in Naval Junior ROTC
  • Computer Logic and Algorithms course
  • Fundamentals of Programming course
  • August 2015 - May 2016


    President and Chairman of the Board

    Orange County Debate League (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit)

    The President oversees the leadership team, sets the agenda for board meetings, communicates with the attorney and other business services professionals, and serves as the person in charge at all events.

    • Began fundraising committee to apply for grants to allow for scholarships
    • Redesigned the website to make information more accessible to members
    • Optimized the judging committee to ensure that training sessions have more structure
    • Implemented quality control for workshop sessions where courses are taught by volunteers

    September 2017 - Present

    Vice President and Board Director

    Orange County Debate League (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit)

    The Vice President oversees tournaments, delivers public addresses, and orchestrates the award ceremony.

    • Redesigned organizational structure to eliminate bottlenecks
    • Designed the framework for a comprehensive volunteer network
    • Enhanced tracking of judge variance to ensure greater scoring precision and accuracy
    • Restructured parts of tournament workflow to accomodate 40% growth from the previous year

    July 2016 - September 2017

    Circuit Administrator and Technology Specialist

    Orange County Debate League (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit)

    The Circuit Administrator structures the tournament data to obtain results and relevant statistics which can be used to measure student performance.

    • Implemented Tabroom (a tabulations software designed to store student and school data) into the technology workflow
    • Drafted a new website accomodating prospective participants
    • Enhanced email services by implementing G Suite
    • Rewrote organizational policy for technology

    June 2015 - July 2016


    Programming Languages & Tools
    • Full Stack Web Development (Server, CDN, Object Storage, DNS) with/without persistent storage
    • Database Management (MySQL, PostgreSQL) with regular backups and multi-region availability
    • API Endpoints for data analysis (for Orange County Debate League - see experience section)
    • iOS App Development (Swift) with API connections


    • 1st Place - University of Texas at Dallas Programming Contest
    • 1st Place - Richardson High School Programming Contest
    • CyberPatriot Platinum Division (2015-2016)
    • CyberPatriot Platinum Division (2016-2017)
    • Academic Citizenship Award - PreAP Chemistry
    • Degree of Excellence - National Forensic League
    • Stanford Online - CS101 Statement of Accomplishment
    • 93rd Percentile - 2017 National Spanish Exam (Silver Medalist)