Bora Oztekin - Picture

Bora Oztekin

Computer Science, Texas A&M University
Undergraduate Researcher, UrbanResilience.AI Lab


Howdy! I’m an undergraduate researcher at the UrbanResilience.AI Lab and a Computer Science student at Texas A&M University. My research interests include machine learning and network science. Aside from my time with computers, I enjoy volunteering for charitable organizations.


Chao Fan, Sanghyeon Lee, Yang Yang, Bora Oztekin, Qingchun Li, Ali Mostafavi: “Effects of Population Co-location Reduction on Cross-county Transmission Risk of COVID-19 in the United States”, 2020; arXiv:2006.01054.


UrbanResilience.AI Lab

I am a member of an interdisciplinary and vertically integrated team working on disaster informatics solutions. The focus is to develop a system which will enable analysis and visualization of large-scale and multi-source data in order to facilitate effective information gathering, resilient infrastructure planning, and smart emergency relief.

College Easy

College Easy is a Django application hosted on Heroku designed for managing the hectic and multifaceted college application process.

ZOOM Tournament

ZOOM Tournament allows the programmatic creation of a large number of ZOOM Meeting Rooms to host a tournament, such as a debate invitational.

COVID Over Time

COVID Over Time plots the growth of the Coronavirus Disease over time using data provided by The New York Times.